good luck to all

Asknod Veterans Claims Help

downloadI have been contacted about a gazillion times with worries from a lot of you who are preparing for treatment with Sovaldi. The primary concern voiced is that you may lose your ratings or be reduced. Relax.

First of all, those of you who have been granted service connection have innumerable secondary diseases, muscular or gland/organ dysfunctions in addition to the Hepatitis C. Your liver is not about to regenerate itself so you can’t resume that wild and crazy lifestyle we indulged ourselves in back in the eighties. You can’t claim alcohol abstinence as a disability anyway. Shoot, bubba. I was the first one to file for that one. VA ain’t buying.

Some have lost thyroid glands or kidneys to this monster. Others have suffered horrible depression and the mental diseases that accompany it. Still others have DM2-either from the HCV or Interferon treatment(s). Face it. You were damaged-either directly…

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