Good news: Statins and liver cancer study

beets for a healthy liver

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artery Most graphics I’ve looked at show the liver and digestive organs in isolation. This one helps me grasp the liver – heart connections.  This slide, # 24, was published on Slideshare by Eman Abdallah. Brooks/Cole–Thompson Learning.

Quick note.  A private doctor has recently prescribed statins to improve my husband’s lipid numbers. Previously, safety concerns about hepatitis and statins have kept them out of his medicine kit.  I’m assuming these fears are now allayed for many other people with a history of HCV.   Our amazing livers, which make cholesterol (LINK), are workaholics.  

The VA writes (LINK):

All the blood that flows from the intestines, stomach, and spleen is filtered through the liver. The blood flows into the liver through the portal vein. It filters through the liver in a system of smaller and smaller veins. As blood passes over liver cells, these cells process nutrients in the…

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