In 1975, Newsweek Predicted A New Ice Age. We’re Still Living with the Consequences. — Longreads

All climate change deniers needed was one article to cast doubt on the science of global warming.

via In 1975, Newsweek Predicted A New Ice Age. We’re Still Living with the Consequences. — Longreads


Where in the World Is the U.S. Military?


Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined.

By my calculation, maintaining bases and troops overseas cost $85 to $100 billion in fiscal year 2014; the total with bases and troops in warzones is $160 to $200 billion.

These costs have heightened debate over whether the United States needs so many bases abroad: What effect do they have around the world, and are they really making us safer?

The first step is looking at where U.S. bases are, and where they’re most prevalent. For my forthcoming book, Base Nation, I compiled a near-comprehensive list of overseas U.S. bases, including smaller cooperative security locations (“lily pads”) and suspected but unconfirmed sites (“unconfirmed lily…

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Hello NOD….Ray here. Was wondering if you can fire your attorney and get another one. I got a claim granted for 10% which is the highest they can go and these attorneys have appealed it. I don’t know why,. .Am about to send medical records to Dr. Cecil  but have only a liver biopsy 1995 and a report from the gastro that sent me to UW for listing of a transplant. I have no evidence for jet air guns except biopsy. What I can’t figure out is that the VA denies air guns because we didn’t have any record or complaints from Hep-C. The way I figure it how could we complain or get sick when the virus doesn’t get you until your liver is almost gone. To me how could we go to a doctor for this if they didn’t have a test for it until 1992. This is…

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This is what I worked on in nam…..for spotting and marking for napalm

Asknod Veterans Claims Help

This one is clean as a whistle. The Veterans Law Judge threw out the biased VA examiner’s  tripe about how it was due to a life of drug abuse after service as being “picky”. This one defies logic. I’ve never seen anything like it. All I can surmise is the guy was related by birth or marriage to the Judge. Either that or a large sum of money traded hands in the parking garage under 810 Vermin Ave. NW.  Come on. The guy was pro se and didn’t even have a VSO to screw it up. No nexus, no nothing. Any other ideas?

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