HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL–jETGUNS. How do we get this info to the proper authorities? Don’t know if this will get to  you but here it goes…..Just got my appeal back  and now doing form 9…..Don’t know how long it will take (2 years?) BVA. Hopefully someone in the VA system will recognize this. I could write to Patty Murry our Senator to see if she could do something. Her and Bernie Sanders are pro Veteran and sit on the VA committee    RAY   Merry X-Mas


Spelling Skills and the American Dream


In 1931, the historian James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream as “a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable.” His book, The Epic of America, may have popularized the term, but the dream dates back at least to the Declaration of Independence, with its invocation of equality and the pursuit of happiness. And since the early days of the Republic, it has been entwined with education, an achievement for which the ability to spell well served as a proxy—at least before spell-checking software came along.

Amy Crawford, in a recent piece for Smithsonian Magazine. Crawford looked at how social class in America shapes success—as reflected through the fates of the Spellbound cast, 13 years after the acclaimed spelling bee documentary’s release.

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Good news: Statins and liver cancer study

beets for a healthy liver

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artery Most graphics I’ve looked at show the liver and digestive organs in isolation. This one helps me grasp the liver – heart connections.  This slide, # 24, was published on Slideshare by Eman Abdallah. Brooks/Cole–Thompson Learning.

Quick note.  A private doctor has recently prescribed statins to improve my husband’s lipid numbers. Previously, safety concerns about hepatitis and statins have kept them out of his medicine kit.  I’m assuming these fears are now allayed for many other people with a history of HCV.   Our amazing livers, which make cholesterol (LINK), are workaholics.  

The VA writes (LINK):

All the blood that flows from the intestines, stomach, and spleen is filtered through the liver. The blood flows into the liver through the portal vein. It filters through the liver in a system of smaller and smaller veins. As blood passes over liver cells, these cells process nutrients in the…

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good luck to all

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downloadI have been contacted about a gazillion times with worries from a lot of you who are preparing for treatment with Sovaldi. The primary concern voiced is that you may lose your ratings or be reduced. Relax.

First of all, those of you who have been granted service connection have innumerable secondary diseases, muscular or gland/organ dysfunctions in addition to the Hepatitis C. Your liver is not about to regenerate itself so you can’t resume that wild and crazy lifestyle we indulged ourselves in back in the eighties. You can’t claim alcohol abstinence as a disability anyway. Shoot, bubba. I was the first one to file for that one. VA ain’t buying.

Some have lost thyroid glands or kidneys to this monster. Others have suffered horrible depression and the mental diseases that accompany it. Still others have DM2-either from the HCV or Interferon treatment(s). Face it. You were damaged-either directly…

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downloadJust in time for the almost-gone  stage 4 (Metavir) Heppers of my era, the VA is apparently snapping up Harvoni at $867 a pill. That’s down from the official price charged Multicare and Franciscan of $1187.00 each. The best news is everyone’s making it to the far shore (remission or SVR). In the latest trial results of 1A and 1B, Harvoni licked the plate. One fell out of the 20 in the first study to autoimmune issues. The second group of 20 lost none. 

In what was always a harsh, debilitating battle against 1A and 1B, Heppers with it had to run the gauntlet with the hope, at best, of a 39% success rate using Interferon and Ribavirin. Nevertheless, VA doctors would tell you it was in the high 60s. Some went through the process again with no better results. Another  member here did it three times  with no luck. What…

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